KULA 2023

Case Study

KULA, an annual event, aimed to create a cohesive and vibrant identity that resonated with a diverse audience interested in arts and music, including tattoo artists and enthusiasts, graffiti artists, performers, music lovers, beatboxers, rappers, and people from all walks of life. The event focused on promoting culture, indigenous arts, and music, with a special emphasis on indigenous tattoo art. One of the main objectives is to highlight different indigenous tattoo artists and their art every year. The inaugural year featured Baiga art by Mangla Bai from Madhya Pradesh, India. The primary goal was to craft a homogenous look and feel for the event while ensuring that its unique personality, inspired by Mangla Bai’s Baiga art, shines through every touchpoint.

The target audience comprised individuals aged 18 to 45 years, representing culturally diverse individuals who shared a common interest in arts, music, and indigenous traditions.

The central message of the event’s graphic design was to emphasize the power of coming together as a community, celebrating co-existence, promoting culture, and embracing shared futures. It aimed to inspire attendees to find their tribe and appreciate the significance of indigenous art and music in contemporary society.

The core design language for the event was inspired by a tattoo created by Mangla Bai, an indigenous tattoo artist known for her bold and culturally significant designs. Mangla Bai’s artwork formed the foundation of the design elements, including patterns and motifs. The colour palette symbolises the coming together of the community. The chosen array of earthy colours was carefully selected to represent the various skin tones and hues encountered during the process of tattoo healing. The bold and strong font, “Din Condensed,” was employed to highlight the tagline, “Standing Strong in Our Culture,” exuding a sense of resilience and empowerment.

The graphic design adopted a powerful and bold style that balanced strength with grounding elements. It aimed to create a visual impact while staying true to the roots of indigenous art and music.

The design elements were seamlessly integrated into various mediums and touch points, including print, digital, social media, advertising, event and environment graphics. We crafted a diverse range of creatives, such as brochures, event schedules, social media graphics, hoardings, newspaper advertisements, bus shelters, award certificates, event collaterals, and environment graphics, all consistently reflecting the event’s overarching theme.

The project spanned across six months, encompassing ideation, design development, and execution, culminating in the grand “KULA” event.

The graphic design’s successful implementation resulted in a visually captivating and cohesive identity that resonated with the event’s target audience. The design played a pivotal role in driving engagement and attendance, attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds who shared a mutual appreciation for arts, music, and indigenous culture. The event proved to be a resounding success, fostering a sense of community, cultural exchange, and appreciation for indigenous art forms. Through the seamless integration of the design across various mediums, the event delivered an unforgettable experience, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and reinforcing the importance of preserving and promoting cultural heritage