Who is making things happen?

Introducing Neha Loonawat, the creative force behind The Ugly Duckling.

With a degree from Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, Neha brings a wealth of expertise and a deep passion for crafting unique solutions that bring her clients’ visions to life. Her dedication to designing captivating experiences sets businesses apart from the competition. Neha’s skill set encompasses various areas, including visual identity design, marketing and advertising design, packaging, UI, and social media design.

Neha embarked on her design journey in 2005, but it was in 2016 that she embraced her freelance career under the creative persona of The Ugly Duckling. Throughout her professional journey, she has collaborated with a diverse range of brands, leaving her artistic touch on projects for Lyca Mobile UK, KULA, Mercedes-Benz, OK Listen!, Rolling Stone magazine, PARX India, Bella Academy, Museum of Exotic Teas, Immersion, EARS on Mumbai, and Task Force for Music and Arts.

Driven by a belief that exceptional design has the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, Neha consistently strives to elevate her clients’ brands and make them stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. If you’re seeking a creative partner who can help you embark on a remarkable transformation, Neha is here for you. Reach out today to ignite your brand’s potential.

Neha Loonawat