Our Story

We are a boutique design studio for the odd ones, the outcasts, the one of a kinds and the anything but ordinaries. Our story is about transformation – because understanding change, evolving and adapting to it, means being absolutely on top of things. We’re interested in projects that allow us to craft unique solutions, transforming our clients vision into workable solutions.

We love to design, create experiences and brand businesses.


Who Is Making Things Happen?

The Ugly Duckling began with Neha Loonawat. She is a Visual Communication designer who traveled the world but found her way back to Bombay. Along with a degree from Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney,  Neha has varied agency and freelance experience with companies like Rolling Stone India, Yahoo! India, ElectroCocoon and Pressman Advertising to name a few.

We also have a network of thinkers, makers and designers who we love working with. Since every client is unique, we work toward collaborating with new talent (as opposed to a fixed team in the office) to ensure that we approach every project with a fresh outlook.