Bella Academy

Social Media

Bella Academy is a boutique style ballet school based out of Bombay, India; that teaches classical ballet. Bella Academy’s core values are sincerity, passion and commitment through which they aim to motivate and inspire their students helping them to develop their confidence.

We designed creatives for various social media campaigns.

The Ballet Dictionary
Starting with ‘A’, every week one creative was released which had the alphabet and a ballet movement starting with that alphabet. Students were encouraged to send in photos and videos of themselves doing that movement.

Dancer’s Nutrition
For the dancer’s nutrition campaign, we developed illustrations based on the different nutrition groups. The campaign provided information about the different nutrients and suggestions for a nutrient rich diet for dancers.

Ballet Feet
We designed this creative to illustrate the 3 main feet positions in ballet.

ABT Masterclass
Bella Academy every year organises ABT Masterclasses for their students. The campaign design was to encourage students to register for the Masterclasses. The creatives are fusion of Balla Academy and ABT’s design style.